About Us


About Us

BajaLatinas is the premier matchmaking agency in Tijuana, Mexico and Latin America. We use our rigorous training, advanced recruiting methods, and our talented staff to help our distinguished members find the relationship they have been searching for.

Our Founder

Brett Tolson has dedicated his life to helping people. From helping children with disabilities in his teen years, teaching parents and children how to use computers while in college, and his current work in fighting human trafficking, Brett has always had a heart for people.

Brett had a hard life from the start. He was born 2 months early and weighing only 2 pounds. His family was told he would not make it, but he has survived and thrived. He graduated from California State University with a BA in Psychology. After a 10 year stint in Finance, Brett started BajaLatinas and other ventures focused on dating and expat living. He is known as a thought leader in international dating and expat living and frequently consults with high level professionals about international dating, expat living and security issues.

Brett currently resides in San Diego, CA and Tijuana Mexico.

Why We Exist

When Brett started coming to Tijuana in 2013, he attended some parties and events to introduce himself to international dating. While some events were fine, most were bad and many were a scam. They had older, ugly women that were uneducated and not anything to write home about. He then signed up for a dating website that was not efficient and the contacts were not real. After talking to competitors about a joint venture, Brett decided they were untrustworthy and unable to adapt to a consistently changing market. Brett then decided to start BajaLatinas and its network companies. Within 2 years of being founded, Brett's leadership and knowledge have made his companies the clear leader for personalized matchmaking in Mexico.

How We Work

When we saw how other companies did things we decided that change needed to happen. How do we find men their soulmates? We decided to use microtargeting to find women that meet our clients desires. We create a custom search and present advertising to women that meet your age, requirements and interests. We also review women periodically that have responded to past advertisements. We then interview every result to ensure compatibility. These matches are presented to the client. We then communicate with the women the client has selected, verify their mutual interest in the client, and give the contact information to the client. Your search is conducted over a 3 month period, ensuring we can change the targeting in process to suit your needs.We are available to assist you in communication, setting dates, and other matters as needed.

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